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Pedestal Flower Container

SKU #: VACenterpieceBowl
Silver or Gold Finish

Bright metallic finish over plastic 7" wide, 4 1/2 in tall




Metallic Flower Arranging Containers

These lovely pedestal urns come in both a silver and gold finish over plastic. (Note: These have a metallic look - but they are not made of metal.) They are waterproof and you can arrange directly in them without a liner. These inexpensive florist containers let you put your money into the flowers and still have a gorgeous custom look.

Tips on how to make your own wedding flowers is given at our "How To" site. Check out the link for photos of cakes, bridal bouquets, corsages, reception decorations and more.

Metallic Flower Arranging Containers - Click here to go to our Wedding Pages. They are filled with ideas on centerpieces, bouquets and more!

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