Flower Arranging Lessons

Easy step-by-step flower arranging directions for using the floral supplies found in our store. Flower arranging isn't just inserting the flowers . . .it's using the correct tools, processing the bulk flowers correctly, applying fresh flower additives such as cut flower food, rehydration solutions and fresh flower sealants that will extend the life of fresh flowers AND learning to design and experiment with your own flowers and color schemes.

The cost of wedding flowers is high because of more than just the labor - it's the investment in treating your flowers correctly so they will open quickly and last beautifully throughout your wedding day!

Read This First!

Before beginning, it's best to consider several things outline on this page.

Creating a Diagonal Bouquet

Creating a Cascading Bouquet

Round Bridal Bouquets

Designing Boutonnieres

Wiring Boutonnieres and Corsages

Gluing Corsages with Floral Adhesive

Making Satin and Tulle Bows

Designing Centerpieces

Church Decorations and Florals

Wedding Cakes

Miscellaneous Tutorials

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